Many SEO and website experts have long suggested that “bigger is better.”

Their argument is that a site with lots of pages has the best chance to rank for a wide variety of key terms. The problem with creating incredibly dense websites is that they can be confusing for people to use and they can be difficult to keep updated. Outdated pages and content are often left neglected, creating sites that are bloated and no longer relevant.

When you think about loading the content on smaller devices, you can imagine the usability nightmare that ensues.

Many websites have begun to take the opposite approach to this “bigger is better” recommendation. Smaller sites are hyper-focused on specific topics, eliminating any pages or content that aren’t critical to the user experience.

This “less is more” trend can be seen in the popularity of single-page websites, including parallax sites. You can also see it in sites that have aggressively simplified their sitemaps.

From TNW 8 responsive web design trends that defined 2015 – Jeremy Girard

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